Hey fellow surfer,

You might be interested in this surf fitness program so let me start by giving you some more details about it.


Surfers, beginner or advanced, who are looking for a way to improve their fitness level.


A better surf fitness level will lead to longer session and more waves. It will make you a more flexible but robust surfer.


Ideally you start 8-12 weeks before your next big surf trip, but it is never to late to start working on your surf fitness level!


It is a general program, meaning it does not focus on improving 1 specific surf movement or technique but on improving your movements in general. 

The program has been written out for 4-8-12 weeks with the idea of 2 full workouts a week. There are a lot of exercises to master so depending on your personal fitness level and dedication you can spread the program in function of your next surf trip.

In every workout you have:
  • Mobility drills
  • Core exercises that improve your body control but also work on abdominal and back muscle strength
  • Exercises for the upper and lower body that improve strength endurance but also for power and explosivity
  • Injury prevention 
  • Optional finisher

It is a program with one level, but I worked it out in a way that you can easily adapt it to your personal fitness level.

It is an online training program but your coach is available for questions in a private group on facebook.


It starts in your favorite gym. Maybe that is your living room, garden or the beach?  This is possible because it is a body weight program where sometimes only small weight are used (e.g. a bottle of water) or a random object.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact Lien from LINE UP.
I look forward to feeling fit in the water and enjoy the next surf trips!

FIT FOR SURF - The Program

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