Fit For Surf ?

What does being SURF FIT actually mean?

It definitly not means being able to run a marathon, because I tried that last year and it did not improve my surf performance. Of course being better in shape in general helps, but surfing has some other specific demands of your body as well. And I think it’s worth it to invest some time in improving that, like you invest time in finding the perfect surfboard for yourself. 
Why not shaping your body surf fit so it's better prepared for your next surf trip and you obviously will catch a lot more waves!

I have put together a test that you can do easily at home and so score your surf fitness level. 

Being surf fit means your body has a certain mobility & flexibility, a certain strength and body control so it can endure lots of hours in the water, having fun catching waves.

Find out in my next videos what you can test and why exactly!

SURF FIT - The Test

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