The Surf Fit Test

As a high performance physical therapist & coach, I work most of my time with athletes when they have an injury or when they want to prevent one. 
So screening tools or testing plays a massive role in that. You test a person’s quality of movement, strength and mobility and you start working on their weak links. So the result is: better quality of movement and in the end a better performance!

There are many different tests available and for every sport you need to select the relevant once that are linked to certain injuries or improved performance. When I developed this test, I needed to look for that information and therefore do some research. It ended up being a combination of following general guidelines of the active population and some surf specific guidelines. 
For example, surfers have in general a bigger ankle mobility than the non-surfing population. 

A good test does not mean you’re a good surfer or a bad test does not mean you’re a bad surfer.

It tests your movement capacity and control which is an important foundation to build on. So you can use this test to find out, what your working points are. Or you can track your progress when you're following the surf fitness program.

On each test you will score yourself a 1, 2 or 3. You can download the specific instructions in the next section.

Let me know if you have questions and score yourself right.

Good luck!

SURF FIT - The Test

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