Ever heard of core stability? Simply put, it's the stability of the center of your body. 

It’s the ability of certain abdominal and back muscles to control trunk movements and postures. 

Not convinced about their role in surfing?

From an injury prevention perspective. Training your core will help you to prevent aching low back pain. I experience that sometimes during or after my surf trips.

But not only that, a good core control will help you to stabilize in all other movements so you will improve your body control in general and this is where it all starts. A good body control is the foundation where you want to build on so in the end your surf specific movements improve as well.

When we talk about surf specific demands in this area, you can think about your pop up. You need to bring your legs quickly towards your trunk which is a powerful trunk and hip flexion movement and that is all about training the anterior chain of your core. A powerful turn demands a more explosive activation of your core and a good transfer from upper to lower body movement for example.

What I also included in this part of testing is a test for your single leg balance.
A good balance will help you with all levels of surfing, but here it also has an injury prevention role. A lot more ankle injuries are happening in surfing and this is an important way to test the stability of the ankle.

SURF FIT - The Test

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